Automated global hiring process

Oyster is working to automate as much of the hiring process as possible. This means you’ll offer your distributed workforce a fast, automated, and transparent onboarding experience.

The three processes that make up Automated Global Hiring are rolling out gradually. Check out this grid to find out which of the three processes are currently live in each market

1. Add the new Team Member

The admin inputs some of the new Team Members' personal information, outlines the employment package (salary, bonus, allowances, benefits), settles on how many vacation days they want to offer, and chooses how they want to handle other employment terms such as non-competition.

This information forms the basis of the agreements generated by the platform. At the end of this process, the customer admin is able to invite this new Team Member into the platform for the next step. 

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2. Team Member onboarding

Once the new Team Member has been added into the platform it is now their turn to submit some details. Here, they share more in-depth personal information and contact information. They also add copies of key documents to prove their identity, citizenship, and right to work in the country in which they live. 

This information is added to the agreements and to Oyster’s records so that they are able to be employed compliantly.

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3. Automated agreements

Once all the information from the previous two steps has been verified, both parties are able to review the agreements. Once they are satisfied and any necessary changes have been made, they are able to sign the agreements within the platform.

The new Team Member will now have access to the Oyster platform.

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