How to set up Xero and QuickBooks online integration

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Hyun Cho
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  • I am a company admin on the Xero or QuickBooks Online (QBO) account
  • Oyster is configured as a vendor on the Xero or QBO account
  • Your Oyster Account Currency equals your Xero or QBO Account Currency.
  • I know how Oyster Payroll components should map to the Xero or QBO Chart of Accounts.


  1. Go to the Available Integrations Tab
  2. Find Xero or QuickBooks Online and click Connect
  3. Login with your Xero or QBO credentials
  4. Select the vendor in your Xero or QBO account that corresponds to Oyster
  5. Map the invoice components to your Xero or QBO Chart of Accounts. You can always edit these mappings later in the integration settings.
    Note: You may notice there are quite a few payroll components, but don’t worry - new line items will only be created in your ERP system if there is a value present in that field.qbo-integration-chart_of_accounts.jpg
  6. Click Submit and you are done! Be sure to check the status of the integration on the My Integrations tab


Important Notes

  • Currently, the integration only works with full-time team members' salary and deposit invoices, not contractor invoices (planned for future release)
  • If you paid an Oyster invoice, you will need to mark the bill as paid in your Xero or QBO account as it will not be done automatically

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