Linking contractors

When syncing invoices for contractors, we first need to find a matching vendor in your ERP. We use email addresses to match contractors in Oyster with vendors in your ERP, so the vendor must have the same email address as the Oyster platform. A Linked contractor means that the system found a vendor in your ERP with the same email address, and a Not Linked contractor means that no vendor with the same email address was found. You can verify matched contractors in your ERP during integration setup or from the integration settings page after setup.

In addition to having matching email addresses, the vendor must be configured in the contractor’s contract currency.

We will cover both of these topics in this help article to make sure you are ready to smoothly sync contractor invoices!

View linked contractors during integration setup

When setting up the integration for the first time, you will come to the “Confirm Contractors” step. Here, you will see a list of Linked and Not Linked contractors.


If you click on the Not Linked list, you will see all the contractors that we cannot match with your ERP.


View linked contractors from the integrations settings after setting up the integration

Once an integration is set up, you can see the linked contractors by navigating to the “My integrations” menu and clicking on “Settings” for your ERP integration.


If you click on the “Contractors” tab, you will see the list of Linked and Not Linked contractors.



How to link contractors

We have two ways you can link your contractors, automatically or manually.

Automatically linking contractors

For any contractors in the Oyster platform don't match with a vendor in your ERP, you can choose to have the integration automatically create and link them for you. There are two options to achieve this. 

First, when setting up the integration for the first time there is an option to automatically create any unlinked contractors. If selected, the integration will automatically create and link vendors for the contractors in the list of Not Linked contractors and any newly hired contractors in the future.

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After the integration is set up, you can also go to the settings page and select "auto create new contractors." If selected, any time you contract a new contractor in Oyster, the integration will automatically create the contractor as a vendor in your ERP and link it so you don't have to remember to do it manually.

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Manually linking contractors

To manually link any Not Linked contractors, you simply need to review the vendors in your ERP and ensure that they have been created with the same email address and currency as in Oyster. We have provided each contractor's email address in the list so you can copy and paste it into the appropriate vendor profile in your ERP.


Once you have configured the vendors correctly in your ERP, you can click the “Refresh Data” button to view an updated list of linked contractors.


The final step to ensure contractor invoices sync is to configure the correct currency for the vendor in your ERP. You can find the contract currency under the contractor name and email address in the integration setup and settings. You should then choose the same currency in the ERP for that vendor.

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Remember - If you haven't selected the option to automatically create vendors for newly hired contractors, you will need to add newly hired contractors manually in your ERP system with the email address and currency on their Oyster account for the invoices to sync.

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