Mapping payment items by cost center


  1. All cost centers are created in your Oyster settings. Click here to see how.
  2. Your team member’s cost center (i.e. department) must be logged in the platform. Click here to see how.

In your ERP integration settings, you can choose to map by chart of accounts or by cost centers (i.e. the department a team member is tied to). Mapping by cost centers means you can customize how payment items on your Oyster invoice should be categorized for each cost center, when syncing with your ERP system. 


  1. Navigate side bar menu: Integrations, then click on Settings on the Accounting Integration(Quickbooks, Xero or NetSuite) card.
  2. Click on Mapping tab, then Pay type to Account mapping section, clickEdit🖊️
  3. Choose by clicking on By Cost Center
  4. If you don’t have at least one Cost Center for your company, you will not be able to proceed. See how to setup Cost Centers.
  5. Click on Select accountsto map the cost centers for each Pay type, then click Done.
  6. If a Pay type doesn’t require mapping by cost center, you can select the Map to default account or choose same chart of account for all cost centers.
  7. Click Savewhen you are done mapping.


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