About BambooHR (HRIS)

The BambooHR integration is free for all Oyster customers and enables you to do the following:

  • Sync your tech stack
  • Reduce time spent on repetitive and manual tasks
  • Eliminate the risk of errors or duplicates while inputting employee information

How it works

Selected employee data that exist in your HRIS and Oyster will be synced. This data needs to be inputted only once in Oyster (during onboarding) and updated only in your HRIS, automatically updating the data in Oyster. When you are hiring a new team member you will:

  1. Complete team member onboarding in Oyster
  2. Oyster pushes the new  information to your HRIS (you will be able to see a new profile created automatically)
  3. Every time you update a field in your HRIS, Oyster pulls back updates to Oyster so your team member is always synced across both platforms

If you already have team members in Oyster and want to enable the integration and have all existing profiles synced across both platforms, they will be matched up based on personal or work email addresses with their corresponding BambooHR records. Once matched, any updates made to the employee information in your HRIS will be pulled back from BambooHR to Oyster.

Employee data pushed to BambooHR

Information pushed by Oyster into your HRIS once a team member is onboarded:

  • Full Name
  • Personal Email
  • Country of residence
  • Job Title
  • Start Date
  • Manager Title & Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Employment Status
  • Pay Frequency (Annual)
  • Salary or Pay Rate
  • Termination Date

Employee data pulled from BambooHR

Information that Oyster pulls from BambooHR on an ongoing basis

  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone Number

Email addresses are used to match team members between Oyster and BambooHR. Once the initial match is made your HRIS becomes your primary source of truth where you will be able to update employee information.

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