Personio | Activating time off integration

The time off integration between Oyster and Personio enables you to automatically pull, create, and sync time off requests in Oyster when your team members use Personio to request time off. Any time off requests created or updated in Personio, will automatically sync back to Oyster. 


Enable the time off add-on

  1. On the Oyster Platform, click Company > Integrations.
  2. Select the My integrations tab.
  3. Click Settings on the Personio integration. 
  1. On the General tab, navigate to the Integrations Add-ons section.
  2. Click Edit.
  1. Toggle on the Time off records.
  2. Click Save changes

A pop-up appears prompting you to map your existing Oyster time off types to Personio's time off types.


Map the Oyster time-off types to the Personio types

Mapping ensures the data coming from Personio is reflected correctly in Oyster.

  1. Select the Mapping tab at the top of the Personio Settings page and click Edit
  1. For each type of Oyster time off, select the corresponding type of Personio time off from the drop-down.
    Vacation and Sick leave time off types get mapped automatically. You can adjust as necessary.
  2. Click Save changes.

You're done! When your team members request time off in Personio, the request is automatically pulled into Oyster.

  • All time off requests must now go through Personio.
  • The Oyster's Request time off button is hidden for both Team Members and Admins. 
  • If there are PTO types that we don't have the equivalent for in Oyster, those can only be mapped once the integration picks up those types of requests from Personio.
    • The request type will be visible as "unmapped."
    • The request will not affect the balance of any policy in Oyster.
  • Updates in Personio are automatically pulled into Oyster (approvals, rejections, etc.).
  • All notification emails are sent by Personio, Oyster will not send notification emails.
  • The integration currently does not support file transfers (medical notes). The process will remain manual for now where the Support team gets notified and will follow up if necessary.
  • If the time-off integration is switched off, Oyster will stop pulling time-off records from Personio.
    • If switched back on, Oyster will sync with Personio and pull only the requests that occurred while the integration was off. After the sync, balances will be up to date. Duplication of requests will not occur.

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