Slack | Notifications received by Admins

Once you have the Oyster app for Slack successfully installed on your Slack workspace, as an Admin you’ll receive the following Oyster notifications in Slack.


  • Expense added

    Depending on how you’ve configured your Oyster account, this notification might go to the expense approver or the Team Member’s Team Manager

Payroll & invoices

  • Payroll cut-off reminder

  • Contract invoices generated

    • These are only sent if your company does not use the billing email address field

Time off requests

  • Time off request submitted

    • You can respond to the time off request directly within the Slack notification.

    • You’ll get a confirmation message within Slack as well.

  • Time off request canceled

Depending on how you’ve configured your Oyster account, these notifications might go to all Admins, or the Team Member’s Team Manager.

If you have an HIRS integration installed and don’t use Oyster’s time-off features, you will not receive these notifications.


  • Contractor onboarding complete
  • Onboarding forms sent to Team Member
  • Delays in onboarding form completion
  • Delays in agreement signing
  • Team Member signature process complete
  • End of probation reminder

Ongoing employment

  • Contract changes (for contractors only)

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