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How frequently are expenses synced?

Approved expenses on Expensify are synced to Oyster every day at 03:00 UTC. Approved expenses are those with the status “Final Approved” on Expensify. The integration will only sync expenses approved since the time the integration was set up and profiles matched in Oyster.

How do I know if all profiles on Expensify have been matched to Oyster?

You can see which profiles have been matched in integration settings under the section “Matched team members.”

Do I need to approve expenses on Oyster?

If you enabled the Expensify integration, you will not need to re-approve them on Oyster. Please use Expensify to approve expenses.

Can I un-approve an expense?

No. Once expenses have been approved in Expensify and synced to Oyster, they will be locked in the approved state. To un-approve a synced expense please contact Oyster customer support.

How will I know if there are sync errors?

You will receive a notification for any sync errors in the Oyster Inbox (in-app) and via email. You can also check the Alerts tab in the Expensify integration settings for recent alerts and troubleshooting instructions.
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How can I make sure there will not be any sync errors?

Make sure each team member is matched correctly in Oyster, is part of a policy in the team member’s payout currency, and that each expense in the expense report has a valid receipt image attached.

When will team members be reimbursed for the approved expenses?

Expenses approved before the cut-off date (6th or 10th of the month) will be reimbursed in the payroll for the same month. Expenses approved past the cut-off date will be reimbursed in the following month’s payroll.

After I enable the integration, do I need to inform my team member not to upload expenses on Oyster?

Yes, once a team member’s profile has been matched they will no longer be able to submit expenses on the Oyster tool and will have to submit any expenses via Expensify.

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