What is the agreements tab and how does it work?

The agreements tab is the place to manage the contracts Oyster creates for you. This is a tab that you will only see as an administrator. Whenever you fill out a hiring form for a new person that you want to join your team, there will be an agreements tab connected to their hiring process.

Depending on what country your new Team Member is being hired in, there will be a certain level of automation involved. This is because of Oyster’s move towards Automated Global Hiring—a ​​slick, technology-driven refresh of the hiring process. This automation allows you to invite your Team Member to start completing the onboarding form, and preview agreements in the platform. 

The agreements tab will look and behave a little differently depending on whether automated agreements are available in that Team Member’s local market or not. Check out this grid to see where this is currently live.


When automated agreements are available

In markets where Automated Global Hiring is live, you will see a first draft generated for most documents as soon as you submit the hiring form. Note that at this stage, this will not include any information shared by the new Team Member. This will be added after Team Member onboarding.

Here is an example of what this stage looks like for the UK.



Even though the new Team Member’s data isn’t added yet at this stage, you can still “Verify” this agreement to let Oyster know that you have reviewed the document and have no further changes to make. This is done through the ‘Actions’ menu on the right. If you have not invited the new Team Member to the platform yet, verifying this first agreement will do so.


Once you’ve verified all the agreements, Oyster can finalise them and reach out to the new Team Member to request their review.

Once both you and the new Team Member are satisfied with the terms, Oyster will create a signature request for the documents and make sure everything is handled so that the new Team Member will be ready for their start date.

Note that the Oyster Service Agreement is always created by Oyster and never shared with the Team Member and we require your company’s sign-off before gathering signatures for the rest of the documents. When you verify this document, we assume you are ready to sign it and will send you an e-signature request.


When automated agreements are not available

For countries where automated agreements are not available, the agreements tab works a little differently. Below is an example for a new Team Member located in the United Arab Emirates, where automated agreements are not yet live.


As you can see, the status related to each document is set to ‘Pending’. This is because they require manual work from the Oyster team. At this stage, there is nothing you can do to progress the agreements as the Admin. The status will be updated as the work has been done. The process is much the same as that described for ‘When automated agreements are available’, the difference is that you have to wait for someone in the Oyster team to push it forward. 

Automated agreements will be rolling out in more and more countries in the coming months. This grid will be updated as new markets get access.

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