2023 Oyster End-of-Year Guide

Navigating the end of the year is challenging in the HR world. Similar to last year, payroll is adjusted to give way to office closures and reduced manpower due to the holiday season. This adjustment allows us to ensure that payments are still processed promptly and as expected. 

If you have any questions or require further details, please contact the support team by logging a request through our portal.


What dates can I expect to change?

  • Cut-off dates for: 
    • Payroll changes
    • Engagement dates
    • Offboarding & onboarding dates
  • Salary and bonus payments
  • Invoice release and due date


Will there be changes in invoicing?

The invoices can be accessed through the platform. There will be no significant change in the invoicing dates. Details of invoicing dates are as follows:

  • The settlement invoice for the November payroll will be issued by December 7th.
  • The pre-funding invoice for the December payroll will be issued by December 11th. 
  • The settlement invoice for the December payroll will be issued by January 8th. 


Are there changes impacting offboarding?

All offboarding requests will still require a 30-day notice period. To ensure that we’re able to manage all requests as efficiently as possible, kindly note the following dates:

Nov 15 Cut-off for all bulk offboarding* requests
Dec 15 No bulk offboarding* requests will be actioned
Dec 25 - Jan 01 Only urgent or highly sensitive offboarding requests

*Bulk offboarding is in reference to a request to offboard multiple Team Members within the same timeframe, i.e., within the context of a company re-org/redundancy round.

NOTE: For offboarding of indirect Team Members, international local partners have differing cut-off dates for the holiday period. Please contact our team immediately if you wish to offboard an indirect Team Member, and we will advise on the earliest possible date for termination. 


What are the expected changes for Direct Team Members?

We would like to inform you that the payroll cut-off date for all direct Team Members is December 7. 

  • Dec 7: Latest engagement date for Dec 2023 payroll processing. Team Members engaged after this date will not be included in the December payroll period, and their first salary will be paid out in January. 
  • Dec 21: Target date for salary payments into Team Member's accounts for those paid monthly. 

The following countries have differences from the planned timeline for direct payroll:

  • Jan 11: Target date for salary payment for the Czech Republic
  • Dec 15: Christmas Bonus payment in Portugal

Countries where salary payments will not have any changes:

  • Canada
  • United States


What are the expected changes for Indirect Team Members?

The cut-off date for most indirect Team Members will remain December 6th; however, please note that, as we work with several local partners, changes may vary per Team Member. You may refer to the legend below to see the changes. 

  • Red font signifies changes on the dates
  • Red font with * has changes that vary per Team Member
Argentina Dec 29 No change
Armenia Dec 27-28 No change
Austria Dec 20 No change
Azerbaijan Dec 29 No change
Bangladesh Dec 18-22 No change
Belarus No change No change
Belgium Dec 20 No change
Bosnia and Herzegovina No change No change
Brazil Dec 14* Dec 4
Bulgaria No change No change
Cameroon No change No change
Chile Dec 14-29* Dec 4
Colombia Dec 14 Dec 4
Costa Rica Dec 14 Dec 4
Croatia Dec 28-29 / Jan 10-15* No change
Cyprus No change No change
Czech Republic Dec 20-29* No change
Denmark Dec 29 No change
Ecuador Dec 14 Dec 4
Egypt No change No change
Estonia No change No change
Finland Dec 22 No change
France Dec 22-29 No change
Georgia No change No change
Germany Dec 20 No change
Ghana Dec 20 No change
Greece No change No change
Guatemala Dec 14 Dec 4
Hong Kong Dec 18-22 No change
Iceland No change No change
India No change No change
Indonesia Dec 18-22 No change
Ireland Dec 20 No change
Israel Dec 20-Jan1* No change
Italy Dec 22-29 No change
Japan Nov 25-29* Dec 5
Jordan Dec 22 No change
Kazakhstan No change No change
Kenya Dec 20 Dec 5
Kosovo Dec 22-29* No change
Latvia Jan 5-10* No change
Lebanon No change No change
Lithuania No change No change
Luxembourg Dec 20 No change
Macedonia Dec 29 No change
Malaysia Dec 18-28* No change
Malta Dec 22 No change
Mexico Dec 14-29* Dec 4
Moldova No Change No change
Montenegro Dec 29 No change
Morocco Dec 29 No change
Nepal Dec 18-22 No change
Netherlands Dec 20 No change
New Zealand Dec 20* No change
Nigeria Dec 20* Dec 5
Norway Dec 20 No change
Pakistan Dec 18-22 No change
Paraguay Dec 14* Dec 4
Peru Dec 14 Dec 4
Peru Dec 27-30 No change
Philippines Dec 18-29* No change
Poland Dec 22-Jan 5* No change
Portugal No change No change
Qatar Dec 22 No change
Romania Dec 20 No change
Saudi Arabia No change No change
Serbia Dec 28-29* / Jan 15* No change
Singapore Dec 18-22 No change
Slovakia No change No change
Slovenia No Change No change
South Africa Dec 20 Dec 5
South Korea Dec 18-22* No change
Spain Dec 20-29* No change
Sri Lanka Dec 18 - 22 No change
Sweden Dec 20-22* No change
Switzerland Dec 20-29* No Change
Taiwan Dec 18-29* No change
Tanzania Dec 20 Dec 5
Thailand Dec 18-22 No change
Turkey No Change No Change
Ukraine Dec 25-30* No Change
United Arab Emirates Dec 22-28* No Change
United Kingdom Dec 28-29 No Change
Uruguay Dec 14 Dec 4
Vietnam Dec 18-28* No change
Zambia Dec 20* Dec 5
Zimbabwe No Change No Change


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