How do I edit a Contractor's employment details?

It is possible to edit some details related to the employment of your contractors on your own, without needing to request support from the Oyster team. These include:

  • Role (i.e. job title)
  • Description (i.e. work responsibilities)
  • Salary
  • Expenses (i.e. your expense policy for the contractor in question)
  • Contract extension
  • Allowances
  • Bonuses & commisions

To make changes to the above fields sign into the Oyster platform from your administrator account and find the specific contractor under by clicking "Team" → "Team members" on the menu on the left side of the screen.


Navigate to the ‘Contract’ tab connected to this contractor.


Click on the ‘Request contract change’ button and choose what you want to update. 

Note: You will see a recommendation to make updates to compensation effective from the next calendar month so that the change can be reflected in the next invoice. If you do need to choose an earlier date or even a date in the past, you will be directed to make a retroactive payment that covers the outstanding amount. A retroactive payment field will appear on the ‘New change request’ page related to compensation.




Once you confirm your change, you will see this confirmation message.

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