Paid Time Off (PTO) - Peru 🇵🇪

Generally, the mandatory vacation days in Perú are 30 calendar days that should be taken in a row, uninterrupted, however, it is possible to split up Paid Time Off  into the following portions by submitting a written request to the employer:

  • One block of at least 15 uninterrupted calendar days or two periods of seven or eight uninterrupted calendar days.
  • The remaining vacation days taken in minimum periods of one calendar day.
  • The parties can agree on the order of PTO.

Note: Every five working days of vacation time, two additional vacation days will be recorded (Saturday and Sunday).
You should submit absences using the time off tool in the Oyster platform. Time off includes all types of leave like, sick days, holidays, parental leave, etc.If PTO falls on a weekend, please use this form to track it, as shown in the screenshot below:


The cut-off date for PTO submissions is the seventh of each month. Requests submitted after this date will be reflected on the next month's payroll.

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