FAQs for admins - Team member migration in Turkey to Oyster Direct/Oyster's local entity

Shruti Khaitan
Shruti Khaitan
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1. Will my team’s health benefits be transferred?

Yes, any current health benefits will be transferred.

2. What will happen to any accrued holidays and leaves?
All accrued and unused vacation days will be carried forward when the Team Members are transferred from being employed with Pernet, Oyster’s partner in Turkey to employment with Oyster’s own local entity in Turkey.

3. Will any severance pay need to be paid out?
We will transfer your team member’s employment from third-party to Oyster’s own local entity in Turkey. The transfer approach would ensure no gaps in salaried days and would not require paying out severances.

4. Will Team Members need new medical checks? 

No, no medical checks will be needed.

5. What is the process to migrate my Turkey team's employment from the third-party employer and onboarding them into the Oyster-owned entity?

You can find the full process details here.

6. Will my team's payroll be impacted?

No changes will happen on the payroll front. Your Team Member’s salary including any bonuses and allowances will be prorated and paid by the agreed end date with the third-party employer.

7. What currencies can I benchmark salaries in?

You can benchmark salaries in USD or EUR or TRY or GBP.