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1. What will happen to my health insurance?

Your health benefits coverage with SafetyWings  or IMG will not change.

2. What will happen to my accrued holidays and leaves in the old contract?

All accrued but unused vacation days at the point of resignation will be paid out accordingly. This is a normal process during any resignation. You are ending your employment with Capital and joining Oyster. With Oyster as the new employer, you will start to accrue leave for the remainder of the year.

3. How will I be paid for my accrued but unused vacation days?

Your current employer of record, Capital, will confirm you accrued but untaken vacation days and will pay you as part of your normal offboarding pay cycle. Please check with Capital to find out how this will work.

4. Can I use my accrued vacation days instead of having them paid out?

You can use your remaining vacation days instead of having them paid out, as long as your request for time off is approved by the termination date of your employment and the vacation is  taken before the termination date. 

5. What if I have already booked a vacation for the latter part of 2022? Will I be paid as normal?

Vacations requested for a period after the termination of employment from Capital will have to be requested again as your leave days with Oyster start accruing from the new start date. Vacation days accrued but unused prior to the termination date will however be paid out. 

6. Will my salary be impacted?

No, you will not have any changes or interruptions to your salary. You will not have any unsalaried days during the migration, and you will be paid as per your current  agreement.

7. Will I have to redo my health and safety training?

Yes, you are getting hired by Oyster as new employment. This means that Oyster will arrange new H&S training for you. 

8. Will I have to complete a new medical check?

In order to be employed in Romania and fully engaged with Oyster HR, you are obliged to undergo a medical check-up. If the medical check is not done or it fails, the contract is automatically nulled. We will send you all the important documents and information, and we ask you kindly to book the appointment as soon as you can.

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