FAQ for Admins - Netherlands Migration to Oyster owned entity

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  1. How will the migration affect health benefits?
    There will be no impact on health benefits. If you have a health benefits package, you will continue to be enrolled with your current provider.

  2. How will the migration affect accrued holidays and holiday allowance?
    At the end of the employment with the third-party employer, all unused vacation days will be carried over to Oyster. Team Members will be able to use them from the moment they are transferred to Oyster Netherlands.
    Holiday allowance will be respected and assumed by Oyster and be paid to Team Members at the regular time that Oyster pays holiday allowance to the team members.

  3. What will happen to any bonuses or allowances?
    Bonuses and allowances accrued during periods preceding the transfer and which were supposed to be paid up till the date of transfer, will be paid by the third party employer upon transfer. Bonuses and allowances which are payable for periods after the transfer will be paid by Oyster.

  4. How will the migration affect disability insurance (WIA)?
    We will continue to provide disability insurance equivalent to that provided by the third-party employer.

  5. How will the migration affect pension contributions?
    There will be no impact on pension contributions. It will continue to be paid at 15.8% of the team member’s contracted salary.

  6. How will my team members payroll be impacted?
    No changes will happen on the payroll front. Your Team Member’s salary including any bonuses and allowances will continue to be paid by Oyster on the date agreed prior to the transfer.

  7. Will my team have to go through a probation period since they are signing a new agreement
    No, Team Member will continue his current employment which commenced on a date on which he began working for his current employer / Oyster’s third party partner.

  8. What is the timeframe for the transfer from the local partner and onboarding into the Oyster owned entity?
    The migration will take place between Sept 22nd - Oct 31st. Here is an approximate timeline:

22nd sept - Oct

Pre-migration communication to Team Members

End Sept - Mid Oct

Team Members sign a new employment agreement with Oyster Netherlands.

Mid Oct - 31st Oct

Team Members are onboarded into the Oyster-owned entity at the end of the salary month with the third party employer.

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