Can I add dependents to my Safety Wing coverage?

Starting January 1, 2023, we will not support any new enrollments into Safety Wing and IMG. We are offering Allianz health for global benefits. Please reach out to with any questions.

A dependent is anyone who is eligible for coverage under the policyholder's health insurance coverage. Oyster Health Global insurance is provided by SafetyWing.  


What are the guidelines for adding dependents?

  • Effective June 1st, Team Members can now include Dependents in the Standard Plan as well as the Premium Plan.
  • As a general rule, unless stated otherwise, only children and spouses will be considered as dependants.


Who pays for the dependents?

The customer company can pay for the coverage fully for the team member and his family. Oyster's SafetyWing plans allow the Team Members to add dependents so that they receive the same services as the main beneficiary. Please note that this comes at an additional cost for each dependent added to the plan. If opted in, Oyster will invoice the company for the full monthly cost of the benefit plan for Team Members + dependents.


What happens when the customer company does not cover dependents?

The Team Members cannot add dependents to their existing plan paid for by the customer company. Currently, SafetyWing cannot separate billing under the Oyster Plan. This means that even if the Team Member is willing to cover the expenses for adding a dependent, they will be unable to do so under SafetyWing. The Team Member will need to source an alternative insurance plan with another provider if they wish to add dependants and the Customer does not cover it.


What happens if I want to opt out and get my own insurance?

In cases wherein the Team Member wishes to have the same insurance as their dependents but is unable to do so because of the above-mentioned scenarios, the Team Member can opt out of SafetyWing anytime by raising a request to the Support team

NOTE:  If the Team Members will be managing the insurance independently the Oyster platform won't mention the benefit on their account.


How much will it cost?

The cost for each dependent will be based on their age. The pricing table for SafetyWing is available in the article What is Oyster Health Global? 🌍

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