How to fill out the monthly timesheets form?

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Oyster HR Support will help you track and submit your monthly timesheet by filling in the Team Member Timesheet form. To ensure you are paid correctly, the timesheets are required to be logged each month. In this article, we explain how to fill in the form with guided steps. 


You will be sent out a monthly reminder to submit your timesheets, please let us know if you are not receiving it correctly. 



  1. Click on the link to the timesheets form.
  2. Fill in your personal details: Your name, email address used to log in to the Oyster platform, country of residence, and current month. 
  3. Select your timesheet option from the drop-down menu:
    Auto - Timesheets - Regular hours, if your hours are regular and set eg. 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday.
    Manual Timesheets - Variable hours, if you work variable hours throughout the week eg., Monday 8am-3pm, Tuesday 9am - 5pm etc.
    Generate Timesheet, upload a timesheet eg use the same timesheet that you have already submitted to your company. 
    Only Overtime/Overnight/On-call hours to track your night-shift hours.
  4. If you have had any overtime for that month, you can record it here:
  5. Sign and submit the JotForm:


Additional Information

Please note that your absences must still be submitted through the OysterHR Platform. Please check out 'How do I request time off?' for more information. The time off that you submit on the platform will automatically reflect on the timesheet.