What are the Engagement stages in Oyster?

The Engagement State during Hiring refers to the different stages in the hiring flow. 
You can find these in the Engagements tab in your Customer profile. 


The stages are as follows:

  • Draft: New hire request is submitted in the Oyster platform. 
  • Assisted Setup: The Hiring team reaches out, and the Onboarding process kicks off. In this stage, we gather information, draft the agreements, and share them for review. Once the contract drafts are approved, the Onboarding team sends the finalized versions for signature. 
  • On Hold: New hires pending information or have been asked to be put on hold until further notice. 
  • In progress: For contracts only. This is the in-progress stage for Contractors. 
  • Sent for Signature: For contracts only. This is the signature stage for Contractors. 
  • Engaged: Team members are ready to start working once the contracts are signed. We welcome them into the Oyster platform, where they can find all their employment documents.  
  • Terminated: Hires that have been offboarded or terminated after being engaged. 
  • Canceled: Hires that have been canceled before being engaged.

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