FAQs for Team Members - Migration to Oyster-owned entity in Italy

Mohannad Aljawamis
Mohannad Aljawamis
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  1. What will happen to my health insurance?
    Your health benefits coverage with SafetyWings and IMG will not change.

  2. What will happen to my accrued holidays and leaves in the old contract?
    All accrued but unused vacation days at the point of resignation will be paid out accordingly. This is a normal process during any resignation. You are ending your employment with GoGlobal and joining Oyster. With Oyster as the new employer, you will start to accrue leave for the remainder of the year.

  3. How will I be paid for my accrued but unused vacation days?
    Your current employer of record, GoGlobal, will confirm you accrued but untaken vacation days and will pay you as part of your normal offboarding pay cycle. Please check with GoGlobal to find out how this will work.

  4. Can I use my accrued vacation days instead of having them paid out?
    You can use your remaining vacation days as long as your request for time off is approved by the cut-off date for the final month of employment (See: What are cut off dates?). Vacation days can not be canceled or added after the cut-off date.

  5. What if I have already booked a vacation in the latter part of 2022? Will I be paid as normal?
    The answer is maybe. It will depend on whether or not you have enough leave days to take as part of your normal allowance. If not, the days may be taken as unpaid, but remember, you will have already been paid for the untaken, accrued days from the first part of the year with your original employer.

  6. What will happen to my severance “TFR” pay?
    TFR accrued will be paid out by the end date with the third-party employer. The new employment agreement with the Oyster-owned entity will re-enroll you in TFR. You will have the option to keep your TFR with Oyster for the duration of your employment or to transfer it to a private pension fund of your choice.

  7. Will my salary be impacted?
    No, you will not have any changes or interruptions to your salary. You will not have any unsalaried days during the migration and you will be paid as per your current  agreement.

  8. Will I have to redo my health and safety training?
    If you have completed the H&S training during your employment with GoGlobal Italy and are able to provide certificates of completion, then you will not need to complete the training again. Otherwise, Oyster will arrange the training to be completed within the first 60 days of your employment with Oyster.

  9. Will I have to complete a new medical check?
    Yes, you will need to complete a new medical check within the first 60 days of your employment with Oyster. Medical checks are performed each time the legal employer changes. There are currently 5 locations in Italy (Vimercate, Roma, Bari, Piedmont and Sardinia regions) where the medical checks can be conducted. Please check with your company about covering any possible costs associated with travel to these locations.