Why migrate team members in Italy to Oyster owned/direct entity?

Mohannad Aljawamis
Mohannad Aljawamis
  • Updated

Currently, Oyster employs your team in Italy through a third-party employment partner who takes care of your team’s hiring, onboarding, payroll, and more. With this migration, your team in Italy can be employed directly through an Oyster-owned entity. 

This would improve your team member experience in two big ways: 

  • A self-serve, one-stop access to everything: Your team will have a centralized view across filing expenses, applying time off, and accessing their contract, payslips, and benefits.

  • Better support and faster response times: You and your team will be able to reach out directly to the Oyster support team for any questions on onboarding, payroll, benefits, and other areas ensuring faster response times.

The migration will take place in a few simple steps and is designed to ensure a seamless and smooth experience for you and your team. 


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