What is a 13th or 14th month salary for Team Members?

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In some countries, there is a 13th or 14 th month payment. These are bonuses typically paid at mid-summer and year-end, equivalent to 1-2 months of salary. 

  • Whether it is mandatory or customary will depend on local payroll regulations and will be communicated during onboarding.
  • When this is mandatory, it does not necessarily need to be included in the Employment Agreement as statutory requirements are baked into the standard agreement. 
  • We assume that the total annual salary will include vacation bonuses unless you would like to do otherwise.


How will it impact the Team Member's monthly salary?

The monthly salary will be lower than if you simply divide the annual salary by 12. Let's take the example of a yearly salary of $42,000 per annum.

Scenario 1 - No bonuses: The gross annual salary is divided equally by 12 months. $42,000 / 12 = $3,500 per month. Employee's monthly wages are $3,500 (less taxes and required social contributions).

Scenario 2 - 13th and 14th Salaries: The gross annual salary is divided by 14 months. $42,000 /14 = $3,000 per month. The monthly wage is $3,000 (less taxes and required social contributions). The Team Member will also receive two $3,000 bonus checks (less taxes and required social contributions) during the year. 

How will it impact the cost per employee?

The cost of employment will be the same every month for the employer. This is because we will accrue these bonuses equally over the year so that you are billed equal amounts 12 times a year.

  • A 13th-month salary paid in December will be accrued by charging the employer an additional 1/12th of their monthly salary each month of the year. You can access the payroll breakdown in each case.
  • If a Team Member is offboarded before completing the year, 13/14th-month payment is prorated to the number of months actually completed. It accrues from the Team Member's salary. For example, for a termination done at the end of July, amounts in the August invoice are based on July payroll and will include the 13th/14th-month salary payment.


Where is this mandatory?

Below is a list of countries where we know 13/14 th month salary is mandatory. There are many other countries that have customary 13th, 14th salary, and vacation bonuses which are dependent on the employer, role, bargaining agreements, etc. such as Austria, France, Finland Germany & Switzerland in Europe, and China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam in Asia


Country Type Notes
Austria 13th and 14th salary Mandatory 13th and 14th salary paid in May / June and October / November; employee taxation is only 6% on these bonuses.
Belgium 13th salary and Vacation bonus Mandatory holiday bonus at the time of a holiday and customary 13th-month bonus at year-end.
Greece 13th and 14th salary Paid over three months (1/2 month at Easter, 1/2 month in Summer, and one month at Christmas).
Italy 13th and 14th salary 13th & 14th salary mandatory for certain managerial levels and based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
Netherlands Vacation bonus Mandatory Vacation Allowance “vakantiegeld” (8% of Annual Salary) - Equivalent to about one month of pay.
Portugal 13th and 14th salary Paid at annual leave (typically June) and in December.
Spain 13th and 14th salary Paid in July and December. It can be pro-rated to be paid over 12 monthly payments.
Sweden Vacation bonus 0.43% of monthly salary paid per day of holiday taken; 12% vacation bonus on any bonuses, commissions, or additional pay.


Country Type Notes
Argentina 13th salary Paid in June and December.               
Bolivia 13th salary and 14th salary Tax-free Christmas bonus and second holiday for “The Effort” if Bolivia's GDP growth > 4.5%.
Brazil 13th and Vacation bonus Christmas bonus paid in November & December and a holiday bonus.
Colombia 13th salary Half a month paid in June; half a month paid in December. 
Costa Rica 13th salary Paid in December. 
Dominican Republic 13th salary Paid in December.
Ecuador 13th and 14th salary It can be paid in parts or a lump sum.
El Salvador 13th salary Paid in December.
Guatemala 13th and 14th salary Paid mid-year and at year end
Honduras 13th and 14th salary Paid mid-year and at year-end.
Mexico 13th salary Christmas bonus (Aguinaldo) paid in December.
Panama 13th salary Paid in 3 parts in April, August, and December.
Paraguay 13th salary  Paid at year-end.
Peru 13th and 14th-month salary One month in July; 1 month in December.
Uruguay 13th salary Half a month paid in July and half a month paid at year-end.
Venezuela 13th salary Paid at year-end.


Indonesia 13th salary Mandatory religious holiday bonus paid before the holiday.
Philippines 13th salary Paid in December.
India 13th salary A % of the annual wage is paid within eight months of the end of the financial year.