Tax registration in Ireland

Filing for new or updating your tax registration vary per country. During your onboarding in Ireland, it is important to remember the following:

  • Provide your Personal Public Service (PPS) Number to Oyster before your start date.
  • Update your employment details through MyAccount on the Revenue website to avoid excessive tax deductions due to emergency tax.
    NOTE: This is a government website and external to Oyster. 
  • Provide your start date and Oyster's tax registration number which is 3747807TH.



  1. Log into Revenue
  2. Click Sign in to myAccount (top right hand corner).
  3. Click on Register Now.
  4. Click Start Registration and follow the screen prompts.
    • Step 1: Complete the registration form
    • Step 2: Enter your temporary password
    • Step 3: Create a new password
  5. After completing the screen prompts, click Finish registration. Note that you will need to complete each step before you are able to proceed to the next screen.
  6. A welcome note will appear asking you to confirm the details you have already entered, after validating, click Save and Continue. 
  7. Your bank account details will pop up for you to update. This will be required for any tax refunds
    due to you. Fill in and click Update. 



Important notes:

  • Reach out to the Revenue office directly to ensure your tax certificate is up to date. This means tax credits and cut-off points are assigned before the Tax Certificate is consulted by our Payroll Provider for each pay period. 
  • In case of overpaid taxes, you must have Cumulative taxation basis in order to get a refund through payroll within the same tax year.
  • To get a refund for the previous tax year, you need to reach out to Revenue separately and apply for the tax refund so as to be transferred directly to your bank account.

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