What is an A1 Certificate?

Patricia Horcajada
Patricia Horcajada
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An A1 certificate is used to confirm the EU country where employees or visitors currently pay for their social security contributions. It is only valid for trips from an EU country to another EU country (including EEA countries and the UK in some cases).



  • It is issued by the Social Security authorities of the country in which the Team Member is employed.
  • Not all EU countries require A1 certificates, but if the TM is traveling for work to France, Germany, Italy, Austria, or Switzerland, it is likely that A1 certificates will be required.
  • A1 certificates are generally issued for the duration of the business trip. If the TM knows he’ll have multiple trips, the A1 certificate can be issued to cover the full period (up to 24 months).
  • They are generally applied for by employers but, in some cases, can be applied for by the employee (for instance, in Denmark, Poland, and Portugal).


Information required

To process an A1 certificate application, below are the required information so the Oyster Support team can help speed up the process of the request. 

  • Full name of the Team Member (as it appears on their passport)
  • Email address of the Team Member 
  • Purpose of the business travel
  • Start date of travel
  • End date of travel
  • Country of origin
  • Country of destination

In addition to the above, the below questions should also be answered. 

  • Does the Team Member expect to spend more than 183 days, in a period of 12 months, in the destination country?
  • Is the Team Member a tax resident in the destination country?


If you need more information about the A1 requirements by country of residence, please submit a request via the Oyster Help Center.