Team Member Dashboard

When you log into the Oyster Platform as a Team Member, you will see your TM, Dashboard. This Dashboard has been built to enhance your experience as a Team Member on Oyster and in this article, we will talk about the exciting things that you can find/ do on your new Dashboard. 

When you log in, you see this Dashboard


The dashboard presents you with a summary of your benefits and tabs that enable you to access various details of your employment. Based on your specific situation you may have three or four tabs at the top of your dashboard. 

Note: The most recent updates will be on your dashboard. This article will be updated as we make more improvements to your dashboard. 

1. Summary of benefits

On the dashboard, you can see a summary of your health benefits. When more benefits are added to your employment, they will be added here. 


2. Review Time-off 

This tab connects to the Time-off page for Team Members

This tab enables you to request time-off, view your time-off request status and make changes such as cancellation to time-off requests. 


3. View Payslips

This tab enables Team Members to view payslips. This may either be payslips on the Oyster platform or an external payslip platform that is relevant to you. 


4. Submit Expenses

This tab enables Team Members to submit expenses, upload receipts etc. Clicking on this tab takes you to the submit expenses page.


To view the status of expenses, you can click through the expenses tab on the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the app.

5. Sign off time-sheet

An exciting feature in this Dashboard is the sign-off timesheet tab. For Team Members who have an external tool tracking timesheet as part of their employment, this will be linked to their dashboard. If your employment situation doesn't include timesheet tracking, you will not have this tab. 


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