How to import Team Member records from Hibob to Oyster

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Jess Armooh
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Hibob Human Resource Information System(HRIS) is an HR Software that collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle.

To find out how to connect your Hibob account, click here

After you have connected your Hibob account to Oyster, it’s time to import new records.


Before you can get started, the following must be true: 

  • You are a customer admin with access to your company’s Oyster account 
  • You have connected your Hibob to Oyster
  • You wish to import Team Member details to Oyster


  1. Under the People tab, navigate to hire


2. On the dashboard for hire, click on the “HRIS Records” next to the Oyster hires tab


3. Under HRIS records, click “Import a record”. This would trigger a search box where you can search for the Hibob record with either their work or personal email address. 


4. Once the record is found, click “Import to Oyster app” to importp2s4.png

5.The employee record will now show under the HRIS records tab



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