FAQs for admins - Team member migration in France to Oyster Direct entity

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Jess Armooh
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1. How will health benefits be transferred?

Your Team Member will still receive Health Benefits, however the coverage will be changed from the current provider (Henner) to a new provider(Alan). If their package includes a top-up with a private health insurance, this will continue.

2. What will happen to any accrued holidays and leaves?
All unused vacation days will be carried over to Oyster and Team Members will be able to use them in future while employed by Oyster’s own entity.

3. What is the process to transfer my France team's employment from the third-party employer and onboarding them into an Oyster-owned entity?

Here is a step-by-step process of the migration

4. Will my team's July payroll be impacted?

There will be no changes on the payroll front.

5. Will my team have to go through a probation period since they are signing a new agreement?

No, probation will be waived for your France Team.