FAQs for admins - Team member migration in France to Oyster Direct entity

Jess Armooh
Jess Armooh
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1. How will health benefits be transferred?

Your Team Member will still receive Health Benefits (Mutuelle), however, their coverage will be changed from the current provider (Henner) to a new provider (Alan). Team members will be required to pay 50% of their coverage for their Mutuelle with Alan. If their package includes a top-up with private health insurance, this will continue. 

Note*: The new Mutuelle provides improved coverage over the previous package in many areas such as better pricing for multiple dependents coverage.  

2. What will happen to any accrued holidays and RTT?

All unused vacation days and RTT will be carried over to Oyster and Team Members will be able to use them in the future while employed by Oyster’s own entity. This will come at no cost to you.

3. What is the process to transfer my France team's employment from the third-party employer and onboarding them into an Oyster-owned entity?

Here is a step-by-step process of the migration

4.What will happen with respect to Health Checks?

Your Team may be exempt from the medical checks, provided they have had a medical checkup in the past five years (or in the past three years where applicable). If they have a valid medical check certification from the occupational health facility, they would need to share this copy with Oyster. Alternatively, they can proceed to get new health checks. 

5. Will my team's August payroll be impacted?

There will be no changes on the payroll front.

6. Will my team have to go through a probation period since they are signing a new agreement?

No, probation will be waived for your France Team. 

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