6 July 2022: BambooHR ATS integration and new functionalities in the Oyster platform

In this update, we bring you our first Applicant tracking System(ATS) integration, shiny new tools from Oyster labs and two more functionalities to improve your experience on the Oyster platform. Below is a round up of everything that happened in the second half of June. 


BambooHR Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

When your HR tech stack do not talk to each other, this only means more time and effort is spent by People Ops teams to manually enter details of employees on multiple platforms. 

A critical point in capturing employee date is during the transition from candidate to new hire. That’s why we have launched our integration with BambooHR’s Applicant tracking system to ensure that the handoff of your candidate from Talent acquisition to People Ops is seamless and accessible in a few clicks. 

It’s time to connect your BambooHR ATS to Oyster. 

Here’s how!BambooHR_ATS.png

Oyster’s New Template Library

You’ve got loads of recruiting tasks on your plate. Building a global hiring strategy from the ground up doesn’t need to be one of them. Get the help you need with Oyster’s template gallery and complete your to-do list in minutes, not hours.

Explore Templates


A new home for your Team Members to access health benefits 

Team members can now access the health benefits they’re enrolled in right from the Oyster Team Member platform. This makes their Oyster account a single, one-stop place to file expenses, apply time-off, find employment information, and now access health benefits. This update is available for Team Members enrolled in Oyster Health Global, (SafetyWing or IMG), Oyster Health Canada (Canada Life), and Oyster Health US (Aetna or Kaiser). Benefits_table1.jpg

[Updated] Employee Misclassification Analyzer

If you misclassify an employee for a contractor, you could face stiff penalties and fines. But proper classification can be tricky—especially for global companies. With Oyster’s Employee Misclassification Analyzer, you can start assessing your risks by answering a few simple questions. 

Try the Free Tool62751758c9b8bc0921bf997e_Untitled_Artwork_22_2__1___1_.png

New User Role

Managing the admin of a growing global workforce certainly isn’t a one-person job. It’s a team effort. But for security reasons, you’re probably a bit hesitant to give the entire team full account access. At Oyster, we want to empower your users to work collaboratively, while minimizing security risk. Soon, in a few clicks, you can set and adjust user-level access.

Our new user role lets you give users manager-level permissions to action time-off or expense requests without your assistance. Get ready to empower your team to take on more responsibility and work together, securely. Learn how to add the role to your new or existing users.



Minor updates to the Quickbooks Online (QBO) integration

  • You can now sync deposit invoices to your QBO account
  • We added the ability to refresh data during the initial setup phase. If the fields that you’re looking for do not show up in the drop down menu during vendor selection or chart of accounts mapping, simply click the “Refresh Data” button to ensure the latest data is pulled over from your QBO account

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