How do automated agreements work?


This article explains how automated agreements work as part of the hiring process with Oyster. The information below will show you how to view agreement drafts, verify agreements, and invite the new Team Member to add their details so that these can be reflected in the agreements. 

Automated agreements are one part of Oyster’s Automated Global Hiring experience. Automated agreements will be progressively rolling out to more and more markets. You can check the current availability by market here


The Oyster platform generates agreements based on the choices you made when you add your new Team Member at the start of the hiring flow. The form provides guidance so that your choices are compliant with local regulations in the country your Team Member will be employed in. The templates for the documents are also specific to these countries.


If you have not submitted the form yet to add your new Team Member, you can go back and change your choices. When you get to the last step, the agreements are updated. You can check this in the 'Agreements drafts' section before you choose to confirm your choices.


Once you click the 'confirm' button, the Oyster team is notified that you wish to hire this new Team Member.

You will then be able to review the employment agreement draft and check the status of the other agreements in the agreements tab.


Once you have reviewed the documents and you are happy with them, you can select 'Verify' from the 'Actions' menu.

The agreements tab will also show you the status of each agreement. 


Before hitting 'Verify' it is a good idea to invite the new Team Member to the Oyster platform if you haven’t already. Their information is added to these agreements once they complete their Team Member onboarding. This will also make it easy for them to sign each agreement once you have verified them.

You can invite your new Team Member from the 'Hiring process' tab.



If you need to clarify something to do with the text of any the agreements, please reach out to support.

Once you’ve verified the agreements, we can share the final versions with the new Team Member and start the signing process. 

Important things to note

  1. Before your new Team Member can start providing their services to you, there are several agreements that both you as the customer and the new Team Member will have to sign. All these agreements can be found in the 'Agreements' tab.

  2. Some agreements may be automatically created by the system, and some will be uploaded by the Oyster team. These will only include all of the necessary information once you submit the hiring form and the new Team Member has submitted their details through Team Member onboarding. The new Team Member needs to be invited to the Oyster platform to be able to complete this onboarding.

  3. You will be able to see when the 'Agreements' were last updated and by whom in the agreements tab.

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