How do I add a Team Manager to a Team Member?

An Admin can assign a Team Manager to any Team Member within the Oyster platform. This allows a Team Manager to action time off or expense requests from their Team Member(s).


  • You have Admin access to your company’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.


Follow these steps to assign a Team Manager to one of your Team Members:

  1. Click Team > Team members.
  2. On the Team members page, type the Team Member's name in the search box.
  3. Click the correct profile from the list. 
  1. On the Team Member’s profile page, select the Employment tab.
    Note: Contractors will have a Contract tab instead.
  2. Scroll down to the Manager information section and click Assign Manager.
  1. In the Manager invitation window, type the Team Manager's email in the search box and select the correct team member from the suggestions that appear.
  2. Click Assign. The Team Manager is listed on the Team Member’s profile under Manager information.


Disclaimer from our Legal team: It's important to know that the Team Manager role is associated with being a manager on Oyster's global employment platform. In accordance with the Oyster Terms, this does not mean you are the manager of the Oyster Team Member. While you may have management oversight of a Team Member to ensure the services rendered meet your needs, we handle all employment-related management matters either directly or through an Oyster partner. Please bear in mind that Team Manager level access to the platform is not reflective of your employment responsibilities with respect to an Oyster Team Member.

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