Oyster Platform Roles

Oyster’s global employment platform provides various admin role levels to securely manage access for all your users. This article provides an overview of the roles we have, their function and limitations, and what data they can access.

The Oyster Platform has several admin roles:

  • Company Admin
    • Team Manager
      • Expense Admin
      • Time Off Admin

Prerequisites for all roles

To enact any of the roles within the Oyster Platform, the following must be true:

  • You have Admin access to your organization’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your Admin credentials.


Role Definition Data Permissions

An Admin has full access to your Oyster account. They can see and edit all information in your account, including company and an engagement’s personal data.

They have the ability to create users and add access roles.

You must have at least one Admin in your company.

Full access to your organization’s Oyster account, including:

  • Company data
  • Candidate data
  • Team Member data
Team Manager

Approves time off or expense requests from select Team Member(s) on the Oyster platform. Team Managers will receive all notifications related to time off and expenses for their Team Member(s).

All time-off and expenses-related data for select Team Members assigned to the Team Manager

Expense Admin

The only person in your company who is asked to approve expenses. If no Expense Approver is selected, all Admins in your company will receive expense approvals.


All expenses-related data for all Team Members within the company.


Time Off Admin

Approves time off requests for all Team Member(s) on the Oyster platform. 

All time-off-related data for all Team Members within the company.

Disclaimer from our Legal team: It's important to know that the Team Manager role is associated with being a manager on Oyster's global employment platform. In accordance with the Oyster Terms, this does not mean you are the manager of the Oyster Team Member. While you may have management oversight of a Team Member to ensure the services rendered meet your needs, we handle all employment related management matters either directly or through an Oyster partner. Please bear in mind that Team Manager level access to the platform is not reflective of your employment responsibilities with respect to an Oyster Team Member.

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