In which Countries are the Automated Global Hiring features available?

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Callum Sweeney
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The grid below shows which Automated Global Hiring features are live for which markets. This will be updated regularly.


Feature availability by market


Pearl, the virtual hiring assistant

Team Member onboarding

Automated agreements 

United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes
United States Yes Yes No
Spain Yes Yes No
Germany Yes Yes No
France Yes Yes No
Ireland Yes Yes No
Finland Yes Yes No
India Yes No No
Portugal Yes Yes No
Italy Yes Yes No
Turkey Yes No No
Czech Republic Yes No No
Hungary Yes No No
Japan Yes No No
Bulgaria Yes No No
Canada - Other Provinces No Yes No
Canada - Quebec No Yes No
Netherlands Yes Yes No
Poland Yes No No
Sweden No Yes No
Switzerland No No No
Australia Yes Yes No
Romania No Yes No
Denmark No No No
Greece No No No
Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes No No
Singapore No No No
Brazil Yes No No
Serbia No No No
South Africa Yes No No
South Korea No No No
Belgium No No No
Lithuania No No No
Latvia No No No
Estonia No No No
Kenya Yes No No
Norway No No No
Mexico No No No
Philippines No No No
Austria No No No
Taiwan No No No
New Zealand No No No
Indonesia No No No
Pakistan No No No
Macedonia No No No