BambooHR | Importing candidates

Once you have connected your BambooHR ATS to Oyster, it’s time to import new hires.


  • You wish to import a candidate to start the hiring process on Oyster.
  • You are a customer admin with access to your company’s Oyster account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.
  • You have connected your BambooHR ATS to Oyster.


  1. On the Oyster Platform, click Hire.
  2. Select the ATS Candidates tab.
  3. Click the Import a candidate button.
  1. In the Search for a candidate box, type the candidate's first and last name in the text fields and click Search.
  1. Once the candidate is found, click Import to Oyster app.
  1. The candidate now appears under the ATS Candidates tab.

The candidate is not hired!

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