8 June 2022: 🌍 Global Employment Assistant, Oyster for Refugees and more

This week, we have a roundup of product releases and improvements to enable you hire and care for your team globally with our global employment platform, while making meaningful impact in the world. 


The Global Employment Assistant 

When you are looking for information on global employment, it might be difficult to quickly locate the most relevant and accurate resources and tools on your own. The Global Employment Assistant points you to the exact information and tools that you need to be successful whether you’re hiring globally for the first time or in your seventh country. 


Introducing, Oyster for Refugees 💜

Refugees everywhere face multiple barriers to accessing work. Global employment can help refugees find stable jobs from wherever they are and enable companies to access a wider talent pool and build a brilliant, diverse team. With Oyster for Refugees, you can find and hire refugee talent compliantly and at no cost and access resources for both the refugee talent and for you to thrive together. Learn more → 


Improved health benefits for your US team members 

We have partnered with two top-rated health insurance providers in the United States – Aetna and Kaiser to offer your team members in the US an improved healthcare experience. Improvements include access to mental and behavioral health services, diagnostic services, preventative care and immunizations at no charge, and more. Learn more → 

Faster invoicing process with Invoice Auto Approval

Admins now have the option to turn on Invoice Auto Approval, which will automatically approve Team Member invoices on or before the invoice due date. Learn more →

Upload expenses on behalf of Team Members

Admin users can upload expenses on behalf of Team Members, through the expenses page. Admin uploaded expenses are automatically approved. Learn more

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