FAQs for India Team Members - Migration to Oyster-owned entities

Samyuktha Dega
Samyuktha Dega
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1. What will happen to my health benefits?

There will be no impact on health benefits. If you were previously enrolled with IMG or Safetywings, you will continue to be enrolled there.

2. What will happen to my accrued holidays/leaves in the old contract?

All unused vacation days will be transferred to your employment agreement with Oyster.


3. What will be the timeframe between offboarding from the local partner and onboarding into the Oyster owned entity?

The offboarding from the local partner and onboarding into the Oyster entity will go hand-in-hand and there will be no gap in salaried days.

4. What is the process to transfer my employment from the third-party employer in India and onboard into the Oyster owned entity / Oyster Direct?

The migration is designed keeping a seamless experience for you in mind. Here is how the transfer and onboarding process will pan out:

We will share a transition letter and new employment agreement which will require your signature. These documents are filled out with your current remuneration and a clause acknowledging your continuous employment, seniority, and the right to take vacations accrued during the period when you were employed with the third-party employer.

After documents mentioned above are signed by each of the parties you employment will be transferred to Oyster owned entity on a date indicated in those documents

5. Will my May payroll be impacted?

No changes will happen on the payroll front.

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