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Who should I notify about sick leave?

If you fall sick and need to take some leave, it is important to let your manager know as soon as possible. Additionally, please log your sick leave days on the Oyster platform Time Off tool.


What is the statutory sick leave benefit?

You are entitled to apply for statutory sick pay ("Illness Benefit") as determined by law. You can apply the benefit from the Department of Social Protection (DSP). You must obtain a sick certificate when you claim the Illness Benefit. Please see more information on the Government website.

Generally, in Ireland, you have no legal right to be paid by the employer while you are on sick leave from work.* Companies may decide the policy on sick leave and pay. Please check with your company what is their internal policy for sick leave.

*This is due to change in 2022 as the Government has drafted a Sick Leave Bill which would entitle team members to be paid for some sick leave.


Planned changes in sick leave legislation

The Government has approved the publication of the new draft for sick leave on the 30th of March. Statutory entitlement to sick pay will be phased in as part of a 4-year plan. The Sick Leave Bill is primarily intended to provide a level of sick pay coverage to many private-sector workers and those on low pay, that currently receive no sick pay/or are not entitled to Illness Benefits.

The initial sick leave plan is as follows:

  • 2023 – 3 days covered
  • 2024 – 5 days covered
  • 2025 – 7 days covered
  • 2026 – 10 days covered

Statutory sick pay will be paid by employers at a rate of 70% of an employee’s wage, subject to a daily threshold of €110. 

Sick Pay entitlement starts as soon as the law is enacted.


If you have any questions about sick leave, please contact us.

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