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If you are enrolled in the Oyster Health insurance plan, provider information is available in your Oyster account. This article introduces you to our global insurance provider IMG.

What does the IMG plan cover?

We offer two tiers: Headstart and Standard.


Detailed coverage documents:

Who is covered? 

IMG covers team members living in all countries except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Qatar, Russia, North Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine (including Crimea and Sevastopol), Venezuela where the coverage is not available. 

How can I get this insurance?

Your company can reach out to Oyster HR Support and request coverage for their team members.  If your company chooses to provide this insurance, they will cover the full insurance fee, which is based on a combination of individual's age and location.

How can I contact IMG regarding my insurance claims?

How can I get more information about my insurance?

Take a look at IMG's FAQ or reach out to IMG's customer service.