What are timesheets?

Timesheets are used in specific countries to track the time a particular Team Member has worked or not worked during a certain period. Timesheets are used by payroll and HR to record the Team Member’s working hours.

How do I fill out a timesheet?

First, please submit your absences using the Time Off tool on the Oyster platform. Time off can include any absence type, such as sick days, holidays, parental leave, etc. Our Help Center article will guide you through the steps for requesting time off. It’s important to keep your time off days always updated on the platform, otherwise, your monthly timesheet will not include the correct information.

As Oyster is also required to track your work hours, we ask team members to record/approve the time tracking on the platform on a monthly basis before the end of the month. Oyster will then combine your approved time off days with your monthly work hours.

In which countries are timesheets mandatory?

Timesheets are collected for team members who work in the following countries:


🇧🇦 Bosnia & Herzegovina


BU Bulgaria


🇨🇿 Czech Republic


🇩🇰 Denmark


🇫🇮 Finland


🇫🇷 France



🇬🇷 Greece Only applicable for non-managerial Team Members who work overtime hours, variable hours, or any hours worked other than the regular weekly schedule.
HU Hungary In the case of a flexible work schedule, the employer does not have to record working hours in detail, only the working and non-working days, annual leave, and public holidays.



🇮🇹 Italy


JP Japan




🇵🇱 Poland


🇵🇹 Portugal


🇷🇴 Romania


🇷🇺 Russia

Submitted through the local employer's platform. Access is provided during onboarding. Time off requests should be submitted at least 1 week before the first day of the start of the leave.



🇪🇸 Spain


🇨🇭 Switzerland

Certain professions and forms of employment and enterprises are excluded from these legal obligations, i.e. commercial travellers or employees who have a higher managerial position or an academic or independent artistic position.
🇸🇪 Sweden Only applicable for Team Members who work part-time.
🇹🇷 Turkey

Only applicable for Team Members who work part-time.


If you have any questions or doubts about the timesheet process, please contact us.

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