27 April 2022: 🌍 Global Hiring Assistant, improved time-off management, and more

This week, we are here to help you become a global hiring expert while enabling you to manage your distributed teams effectively. Here's a roundup of our releases. 


Become a global hiring expert with your very own hiring assistant

Hiring globally can seem complicated from the outside looking in. What’s the standard probation period in Spain? How much PTO are people entitled to in Turkey? 

Luckily, Pearl is here to help. Pearl is a new Virtual Hiring Assistant that advises you on employment terms, depending on where they are located. Choose from statutory, recommended and best-in-class. 

Pearl is part of a new country-specific, compliant-by-design hiring flow that cuts out mistakes and time spent on back-and-forth clarifications. 

Pearl is currently available for the following countries with more coming soon: Spain, UK, India, France, Ireland, Portugal, USA, Italy, Finland, Turkey, Czechia, Hungary, Japan.


Time off management for global teams

Keeping track of National Public holidays in order to stay compliant, can be challenging for People Teams when hiring globally.

Bring the focus back to your people by choosing a system that aligns with your values for time off – make it easy to apply for time off and enable team members to enjoy the holidays that they are entitled to. Our new time-off update presents

  • National public holidays calendar- with our inbuilt holiday calendar, your Team Members do not have to request or track their own public holidays. 
  • Half-day PTO- Provide your team with increased flexibility through our half day time off functionality. Now Team Members can take the exact time off they need without hassle. 


This new feature is already available in most locations, but not all (yet). If it’s not available for one of your Team Members, we’ll be sure to contact you!



Manage your team members’ expenses more efficiently

If you use Oyster’s Expenses feature for your team member(s), you may have noticed that we have a new tabular view for the expenses page. With this new interface, you can now:

  • Prioritize which expenses need to be paid out first
  • Quickly find the expense you want through the search, filter, and sort functionality

Check out the new improvements by logging into the app and navigating to the Expenses page.

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