How Does Oyster Provide Automated Guidance During the Hiring Process?

Callum Sweeney
Callum Sweeney
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Yes, in fact, you will find your very own virtual hiring assistant available in the hiring flow, called Pearl*.

Pearl will help you to choose the best employment terms for your new hire based on their location. As you move through the form, you will see Pearl bring up a range of options for each employment term. These include statutory, recommended and best in class. Choose the one most appropriate for your new team member and it will be added to their employment agreement.

Pearl will guide you through the whole flow and appears in three main places when it comes to hiring terms. Lets take Spain as an example and learn about the guidance at each step:

1. First you get an overview of key employment terms such as probation and vacation. Here Pearl surfaces the statutory requirements for these two employment terms



2. In step 2, Pearl will help you to select the appropriate probation period for your new Team Member specifically


3. For employment terms such as vacation days, Pearl will surface statutory, recommended, and top-of-the market suggestions so you can make the right choice for your new Team Member’s employment



Please note

*Pearl, the virtual hiring assistant, is gradually rolling out. Check which markets Pearl is already live for ›

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