How do I request for a partial time off?

Team Members can request partial days off in Oyster. In order to take time off, you need to submit a request on the Oyster platform, in the time off section. Partial time off can be taken in the 1st or 2nd half of the day. 



  • You are signed in to your Team Member account on the Oyster app.
  • Time off required is for half a day (4 hours) either at the 1st or 2nd half of the day.



  • Go to Time off in the left panel.
  • Click on Request time off on the right.
  • Select the type of time off and reason. Reasons vary depending on what you select under time off type.
    Note: One working day is equivalent to eight hours.
  • Select the same start and end times. Team Members are unable to apply for past-dated time off. To do this, please follow the guidelines in our article How can I submit a past-dated time off request?
  • Under First part of the day or Second part of the day
  • Add any additional information or attachments for your Manager (this is optional).
    Note: Oyster Support may follow up with you to collect required documentation for sick leave requests if not already attached.
  • Once you’re done with the steps above, click on Submit request in order to process the time off request.


Important Information

  • There are some countries where half days (partial days) are not permitted. Learn more here.
  • For Team Members in Italy, time off can be requested in hourly increments. You can refer to the article 
  • Your time off request will only cover your working days. If your time off request overruns into your day off (weekend), it will not affect your overall balance. The same applies to public holidays. 
  • If you try to file your time off for a past date and receive an auto-rejection, please visit our article How can I submit a past-dated time off request?
  • To request for a day or more in time off, please review our guide on How do I request time off?

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