30 March 2022: 🌍 Customer Dashboard & new features to help you win at benefits

The second half of March has had our teams working hard to bring you exciting features and improvements. Here's a round-up!


Easily manage your team with our new Customer Dashboard 👀

See everything you need in one place. From new hire status to admin tasks that require your attention — keep track of your team, easily. Refer to your new dashboard for updates, tools, and hiring progress for your growing team as you expand across borders. Learn more here.

Stay compliant around the world with our new Remote Work Regulations Guide 🗺️

Remote work benefits aren’t just a nice-to-have. Now, they’re a must-have. Stop scouring the web for hours and explore up-to-date home tax breaks, allowances, stipends, and more in 50 countries around the world. Use the guide for free.

Introducing, Benefits Advisor. Learn how country-specific benefits work to better care for your team 💜

Benefits Advisor helps you identify a list of statutory and competitive benefits offered by local companies and recommended by local experts across health, time-off, allowances, and perks. Get answers to “What best-in-class benefits can I offer to my new hire in Spain?” “Can I offer the same benefits in the UK and Canada?” and a lot more. Visit your Tools and Resources page to explore Benefits Advisor.

Learn more here.




New functionalities on the Payroll Page

  • Add payroll changes in your account currency or team member currency and let the app handle currency conversions.
  • Want to add recurring bonus payments? No need to submit every month - simply specify a period and make recurring additional payments to your team members.

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