Benefits Advisor

Starting January 1, 2023, we will not support new enrollments into Safety Wing and IMG. We are offering Allianz health for global benefits. Please submit a request to Support with any questions.

What does the Benefits Advisor do?

A “one-size-fits-all” benefits strategy can impact your talent acquisition and retention, and cause you legal risks. The benefits you offer need to be optimized for your team member’s location, local laws, and your company’s overall benefits strategy. But global employment requires you to have knowledge about statutory and extended benefits across your many hiring countries – which is a complex and time consuming task.

Benefits Advisor help you identify a list of benefits across health, time off, allowances, and perks that companies in your hiring location offer and local experts recommend through a one-stop, self-serve tool.

Which countries does the advisor cover?

Benefits Advisor covers 11 countries. New countries will be added on a frequent basis. The countries currently available on the advisor are: 

1. Australia 
2. Canada
3. France
4. Germany
5. India
6. Italy
7. Portugal
8. Romania
9. Spain
10. United Kingdom
11. United States 

What are our data sources?

We have consolidated data across two sources.

  • Benefits experts: We consulted local benefits experts on statutory and customary benefits

  • Glassdoor: We referred benefits packages of local tech companies using Glassdoor

How can you offer the benefits recommended by the advisor?

The advisor’s goal is to help you identify country-specific statutory and customary benefits so you can answer questions like, “What benefits are statutory and what are customary in Italy?” “Can I offer the same benefits in the UK and Canada?” “What do local employers offer to their team in France?”

You can currently apply the intel you gain from the advisor in three ways:

  • Offer localized benefits and global health benefits in 180+ countries. The plans cover extended healthcare like vision, dental, away-from-home coverage, paramedical care, and more.
  • Use time-off management to submit, approve, and manage time-offs from a single place
  • Offer allowances to team members for benefits (e.g Gym memberships) that are not available on Oyster.  

Other pointers

  • We will add new countries to the advisor on a frequent basis. 
  • We do not recommend that you provide health benefits to your team members directly. Offering health benefits outside a direct employment relationship can create both joint employment and permanent establishment risk for you. 

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