My Dashboard

When you log in to the Oyster Platform, you see your Dashboard. The Dashboard helps you monitor and manage your Team Members quickly. 


  • You have Company Admin access to your company’s account.
  • You are logged in to the Oyster Platform with your admin credentials.

Please note that your dashboard reflects the latest updates. You can refer to this page as you receive new tasks or notifications to hire, pay, and care for your team.


Company onboarding

Initial setup tasks will appear when you log in to the Oyster Platform for the first time.

To finish your company onboarding, you will need to:

  1. Complete your company profile
  2. Set up your payment method
  3. Add new hires

Onboarding tasks with a checkmark beside them will indicate they are complete. Once you have successfully completed these tasks, they will no longer appear on your dashboard. 


Outstanding tasks

An overview of your outstanding admin tasks that need your attention will appear on your dashboard. These tasks include:

  • Hire — reviewing or signing contracts
  • Pay — approving invoices and/or expenses
  • Care — approving time off-requests

Note: Any overdue tasks will have a red label.


E.g., From the screenshot above, there is 1 invoice awaiting approval from a Company Admin and it is overdue. 

Oyster Resources

Find contact information for your designated Oyster Customer Success Manager and/or Account Manager on your dashboard. 

Important Note: Your Customer Dashboard will not display a Customer Success Manager or an Account Manager if you have not been assigned either of them.

You can also locate quick links to Oyster tools on this area of your dashboard. These resources, like the cost calculator, can help you hire and pay your team members.



View all your hires on your dashboard. 

  1. To see where your team members are located, click the Show Map toggle button in the top right corner of the widget. This will open an interactive map that shows where your hires are located by country.
  2. See statuses for your hires as they progress through onboarding. For more details, click View all hires. This will take you to your Hire page under the People section.

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