Why are the cut-off dates different for some Team Members?

We apply different cut-off dates for different Team Members depending on how they were hired.

With Oyster, Team Members can be hired in two different ways:

  1. Direct - In some countries such as Spain, we have established our own entity and therefore your Team Members from Spain will be hired through Oyster's direct entity.
  2. Indirect - In countries where we don’t have a direct entity, we work with local partners to hire your Team Members.

All Oyster Direct hires will have the 10th as the cut-off date. However, the requirements differ for the local partners we work with. Some local partners accept the 10th cut-off date while others can only offer the 6th as the latest deadline for payroll changes.

Therefore, if you have a mix of team members, with some hired direct and some hired through a local partner, you will likely see two different cut-off dates on your Payroll page.


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