What Happens When The Cut-Off Date Falls On A Weekend Or A Public Holiday?

Hyun Joo Cho
Hyun Joo Cho
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The cut-off date to make payroll changes sometimes falls on a weekend or a public holiday. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide further extensions for these situations. Regardless of whether the cut-off date falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the system will automatically lock itself on the following times:

Cut-off Date

System Lock Time

6th of the month

7th of the month at 05:00 UTC

10th of the month

11th of the month at 05:00 UTC


Therefore, we recommend that you submit any payroll changes by the last working day before the weekend or the holiday. 

For example, if your team member’s cut-off date is on the 6th of March 2022, Sunday, we recommend that you complete the payroll changes and expense approvals on the 4th of March, Friday (or your last working day before the cut-off date).


Important Notes

Please remember that expenses must be approved by the cut-off date in order for them to be reimbursed in the immediate month. 

For example, if a team member submits an expense on a Saturday but the expense is approved on Monday, which is after the cut-off date (Sunday, 6th March 2022), then this expense will automatically be added to the following month’s payments.

You can see each team member’s cut-off date on the payroll page. Please see this article to find out more.

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