How to increase a contractor's salary

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Contractor salaries are tied to the signed contracts which can make it complicated when increasing contractor salaries. However, you can easily increase any contractor's salary by choosing any of the below options:


  • Company Admin access to the Oyster Platform


Terminate and Generate a New Contract

With this method, you just need to Terminate the current contract and create a new contract using the steps here to Create a New Contract

💡 Please advise the contractor to change their email address in the Oyster Platform before Terminating the contract 


Submit an Amendment to Support

As mentioned earlier, the contractor salaries are tied to their signed contracts, and to work around this, contact us and attach a signed amendment stating the new contractor's salary and start date and our Support will make the change directly.

You can use your own salary amendment copy or make use of the  New_Contractor_Amendment_Template.docx to submit the amendment.