How do I see if my time off request is approved?

You will receive an email once your time off request is approved. The request can also be tracked in the Oyster platform. You will be able to access a summary of your time off through your time off dashboard.



You are signed in to your Team Member account on the Oyster app.



  1. Select Time off from the left side bar.

  2. You are now in the time off section, where you’ll find a summary of your time off. The time off dashboard includes time off requests submitted and their status.
    • If the request is approved, the status will change from Pending to Approved.
    • If the request is rejected, the status will change from Pending to Rejected.


Important information 

  • Your company admin or Team Manager is responsible for approving or rejecting your leave request
  • Any request that has not been approved before the start date of the request will be automatically rejected.
  • Past-dated time off cannot be logged by a Team Member on the Oyster platform. If you need to record a past-dated time off, you can follow our guide in the article How can I submit a past-dated time off request?

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