How do I request time off?

Here’s how you can request time off in the Oyster Platform: 

  • Go to Time off in the left panel
  • Click on Request time off on the right
  • Select the type and reason - Note: One working day is eight hours
  • Select the start and end time - Note: Only Company admins or Support may request days in the past. Please reach out if you need assistance with a past-dated request. 
  • Add any additional information or attachments for your Manager (this is optional) - Note: Oyster Support may follow up with you to collect required documentation for sick leave requests if not already attached.
Important: Please note that your time off request will only cover your working days. This means that if your time off request overruns into the weekend, the weekend days will not affect your overall balance.

The video below walks through these steps in real-time


Past-dated time off

Only company admins may request days in the past on behalf of Team Members.

If you try to file your time off for a past date and receive an auto-rejection, please ask your company admin to file this for you. 

If you need assistance following up with your company admin, you can log a request to the Oyster  Support team.


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