Do I have to apply for time off on public holidays?

Oyster has an integrated country-specific public holidays calendar on our platform. This means you do not have to apply for time off on national public holidays.

Please note that you are only entitled to the bank holiday in the country where you are employed. Below is a sample of how a holiday is reflected in the time off tool. 

  • Tuesday, the 15th of August 2023, is a public holiday in your country. 
  • You took a week of paid time off, from the 14th of August until the 18th of August 2023, and returned on the 21st of August. This counts as 5 days off. 
  • You only used 4 days of paid time off of your balance, as the 15th is a public holiday.


Important information

  • In order to find the list of available public holidays per country, visit our article How do I find available public holidays?
  • If you request time off on a period of time that includes public holidays, the public holidays are not deducted from your vacation balance.

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