How do I cancel my time-off request?

In case your plan changes or you have inputted the incorrect time off dates or reasons, you can always change your time off request on the platform. 



  • You are signed in to your Team Member account on the Oyster app
  • The status of your request must be Pending or Approved



  1. Select Time off from the left side bar.
  2. You are now in the time off section, where you’ll find a summary of your time off. The Time off dashboard includes time off requests made and their status.
  3. Click on the three dots on the line of the time off request you wish to cancel, then click on cancel. Your time off request is now cancelled.



Important information 

  • To submit a new time off request, you may follow the steps presented in our article How do I request time off?
  • The leave can be cancelled only when the request is Pending or Approved. A leave that is Taken cannot be canceled (the date has passed).

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